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knightwolfs memorial page

R.I.p. Nikki you will always be loved 6/30/1976-10/26/2008....

 Smile at me would you please , the look in your eyes would bring one to his knees, your warm touch your pretty smile, felt warm and comforting when you sat by my side, so many things talked about in this short time, felt like I known you forever but forever just wasn't long enough. Those words you said keep ringing in my head, as we watched the children play and watched the sunset across the way , I want you to know that you inspired me and made me fell better about myself, and now that your gone I don't think their would ever be someone els, but I hope where ever you may be your smiling and laughing joyous and free. I will miss you very much wish we could have had more time but ill never forget what time we did have. And may you rest your head and ill keep you in my heart forever and always ….

In memory of nikki schafer



    Another day goes by and the cloud grows darker I still think of you and miss you so badly I cant help the thoughts that keep rolling trough my head, the times we had and things that I didn’t get a chance to say, what I would give to kiss your lips again or to run my fingers through your hair and give you a hug once more, I believe you were the one in my life and ill never find another as long as I live. At the moment nothing in this life matters anymore the rain the stars nature in general is nothing but a black hole and my writings are slowly fading also when I thought pops into my head it is drowned out by a memory of you and all I do is cry, this world is nothing but cruel and am done with it I don’t want to do this anymore all I ever wanted was you and now your gone what is left is nothing, I know now that I truly loved you only because my heart wouldn’t hurt this bad if I didn’t ill always be your guy and you always be my girl I swear .
Love you lots
I miss you
Big hugs

    i dedicate this site to you Nikki, my heart is with you always and i added the things on here that you loved the most i wish you could see it i think you will be happy with it hope you rest well on your jounrey you will be missed my dear.....6-30-76-10-26-08  R.I.P.

    Though now I walk into the sunset, so alone and heartless.  I am glad that you taken it and made it yours for the smile on your face was worth more to me than life itself. I cry for you everyday what would I give to hear your whisper in my ear, to touch your skin and to feel your lips on mine, at lest once more.

    Though I am lost now searching for my soul again I always think you were the one that lifted me from the darkest side of the earth and made me whole. All I have is hope that someday we will meet again and ill be able to tell you how much you have meant to me ill never for one second forget that. Take care out their wherever you are. I send you my love forever and always.

    When someone you love is nowhere near, close your eyes and they will be right here. Lying in your arms, not a moment too soon, sharing the warmth that you had when the memories come to you. The words that are on paper, the poems from the heart. A special day to share together right from the start. Envision the laughs and remember ones smile, take it all in and don’t give it one moment to spare, make it a point to let one know that you will always be there. One small rose, or one small kiss, its just the simple things in life that one would only miss. Open up your heart on this very special day, where ever you are happy valentines day..
Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Please don’t cry I am here right beside you have no fear. When your alone I will not be far away, ill be the sunshine on your face every single day. When the rain comes down it will cleanse your soul bringing in the new and washing away the old. Look around and everything you see will also be a part of me. The ground you walk on and the grass beneath your feet will show you a path to where you and I can meet, and comfort your head when you lay down to sleep. With the starry skies ill gaze into your eyes, and the gentle wind I will touch your face, to let you know that I am still with you tough we are not in the same place. Please don’t cry I am right here with you, we will meet again someday I promise these words to you.



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