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 had a dream the other night that the planet Saturn got too close to the earth and was going to crash into us. The whole sky was taken up by the rings.
Nikki aug 06

Whisper what you want to say. And dream of those words that should have been said. Though many times those words would never make it to surface. Send those expressions through a soft touch, or a glance into ones eyes. Cherish every moment and notice what surrounds you in detail. Let your mind take the picture of a lifetime, it will be the picture that an artist could only paint. But without the sound. Let ones words roam freely on paper and hear the voice of the one read it to you in your mind as the picture flows in. and remember what life once was in your arms and take time to feel it over again till it is right for ones desires…..

tim may 09


The sense of warmth upon my skin, the sun shining bright across the plain. As many thoughts roar through my head, wonders, hopes and dreams. I listen for the sounds of a voice to call my name, yet the silence is all that falls upon my ears. I see a vision across the way the image so perfect I wish things didn’t have to be this way. But that is sometimes the way things go, a blink a memory with nothing left to show. Looking around sets a scenery that is so filled with color, beauty and calm. Wonder how such evil come out of this place that feels like their could be no wrong.

tim 6-6-09

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